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Fathers: A Special Gift

Happy father’s day to all fathers and potential father’s too.

A father's love

A father’s love

It is such a blessing to have someone who looks like you and can call you daddy everyday of your life. Everybody can be a father for it takes very little to become one but what is amazing and surprising is that it needs a lot of sacrifice and commitment to be a father. A father has the duty of taking care of the entire family and bringing up his kids in such a way that will make him a happy and fulfilled daddy. He will be like the virtuous woman in the bible who makes her husband known in the gates because of her good deeds. A father, brother, husband and friend is the most important person one will ever want. Today, a father is more than special for being good and true when he stands out as strong in all that he can do. Just hug you dad and show him all the love on this special day and don’t forget to whisper “I LOVE YOU” in his ear.




4 thoughts on “Fathers: A Special Gift

  1. its true fathers are precious gift but in Africa, some of them are booms. They shy away from responsibility and it makes me grow mad. Any way those who still consider them gifts should celebrate with them

  2. Castro Dollar says:

    Wow such a pleased word,From now hence forth i will always be proud of my Father for all the love and care he has shown me all this years and be a Best friend to my Dad.”Dad i love you”

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